We are still applying various Covid-19 regulations to protect us against the spread of the invisible enemy. We wear masks, practice social distancing and sanitize our hands regularly. Many families across the world are mourning the loss of loved ones. The economic consequences of the pandemic should still be confirmed.

Prior to Covid-19 we heard the rumbles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The needs of the Covid-19 Pandemic contributed to the implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution sooner than anticipated.

We shall have to adapt to a working environment with more technology and robots. Online courses will become more popular. We are already used to online meetings and virtual exhibitions.

We shall have work, but not necessary a workplace. We shall be working, but not necessarily be going to work.

How do we manage the change?

Systems management will be necessary to accommodate technology, to manage the working environment and to maintain the values in the workplace. Effective communication will be strategic towards addressing the challenge.

We cannot predict the future. We can only prepare for the future by learning and filling the gaps. Our customers have high expectations. We can therefore only aim at being the best NHBRC we can be.

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