The City Press published an article (Sunday, 29th September 2013) in which it claims, in regard to the contract for the implementation of a new ERP system, that the NHBRC spent large sums of money for services that have not been rendered and that key staff have left as a direct result of their frustration with the contract.

The NHBRC refutes such claims and categorically distances itself from this.

The NHBRC is in the process of implementing a new ERP system. This is required to enhance its internal business processes with an integrated technology solution. The total value of the project is R104million. It is being implemented by a team comprised of both the service provider, employees of the NHBRC, and with assistance of technical experts from SAP.

To date the NHBRC has paid R35million for work completed as per the contract. SAP has confirmed that the project schedule and payment plan is in line with acceptable industry standards.

The suspension of the CIO, Johannes Swart, and the resignations by the Procurement Specialist, John Modise, and the Project Manager, Musa Mtshali are not related to the Project.

This project, like any other project, has experienced unforeseen challenges – once these are identified the relevant action is taken. The delays experienced to date are as a result of capacity issues from both the NHBRC and the service provider. To date the service provider has delivered the fundamental requirements as per the terms of the contract.

The NHBRC and the service provider are working tirelessly to launch the new system in 2014/15 financial year.

Issued by NHBRC Media Desk
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